Leonardo Villanueva

Welcome to The FNF Podcast: Conversations Not Worth Mentioning. Funny ‘N Filler is a Bi-Weekly show where my friends and I talk about current events, our personal lives, pop-culture and anything we find interesting. Then we steadily derail into self loathing negativity and depres... anyway hope you enjoy the show!Hosts: Leo, Travis, Greg, Jacob and more! If you want to support FNF or Myself you can simply share, follow or buy the merch. To see the other ways you can support me check the links below. Links to FNF, Merch, Social Medias and Fundraisers - https://linktr.ee/lyonleo Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fnfpodcast/support

  • Número de episodios: 47
  • Último episodio: 2022-08-25
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